Sustainability, Security and Entertainment

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Intellistreets opens a completely new opportunity for sustainability, security, & entertainment. The system is a single, low cost scalable network on one Common Operating Platform. The entire system communicates wirelessly through multi-patented technologies. Utilizing existing power infrastructure, Intellistreets processors facilitate full multi-media and unique environmental analysis for urban areas, campuses, waterfronts, borders, Federal buildings and stadia. Achieves a 70% lighting energy reduction. Extends lamp life to 10 years and beyond.

Lower maintenance cost through self diagnostics. Homeland Security features are embedded in the system. Mass notification, emergency evacuation routing, emergency call stations, CBRNE attack notification, visual analysis and digital signage. This development tool for “Place Making” creates an immersion experience for college campuses, parks, retail shopping districts, stadia and convention centers. The systems processors provide background music, public announcements, and digital messaging.

Energy savings, including self-diagnosing maintenance, LED lamp life extension and decreased operational expenses makes Intellistreets a value proposition. Incorporating potential revenue streams, such as advertising, makes Intellistreets the most cost-effective infrastructure improvement on the market.

Benefits & Applications

Intellistreets is a flexible wireless solution for integrating energy efficient lighting, audio, digital signage and more into your city, campus or sporting venue.

Energy Management

  • Wireless technology to communicate with individual luminaires, streetlights are able to conserve energy up to 70% over conventional luminaires.
  • Dimming & On-Demand Adjustability
  • Intellistreets has patented lighting and thermal management that extends system life 50% over competitors via sensor input analysis.
  • As the only wireless audio system in the market, Intellistreets eliminates the high construction costs of wiring, cabling and conduit.
  • The balance between energy production and pollution reduction requires monitoring. Intellistreets is the most effective way to maintain and conserve natural and human resources needed to protect our country and reduce our carbon footprint.


  • Blue Light - Intellistreets is the only street light system with embedded emergency call buttons and two-way hands free communication.
  • Audio distribution for mass notification concealed in light poles or light fixtures
  • Environmental sensors: CBRNE, pollution, infrared, vibration and water
  • Emergency Wayfinding - Only Intellistreets offers routing and situational awareness via sequenced lights, graphic banners and audio simultaneously.


  • Dynamic Lighting - Wireless control of color-changing lights facilitates the transformation of an ordinary space for a special event without additional equipment.
  • Intellistreets facilitates the use of radio broadcast from playlists. The simple drag-and-drop interface acts much like iTunes or any similar handheld mp3/video player.
  • Flexible integration within virtually any modern architectural control system for synchronization of any feature within and around the Intellistreets system.
  • A wide range of sensors can be utilized for exciting pedestrian user interaction.

How it Works

Intellistreets has designed patented and manufactured electronic modules (ECM) that may be embedded or attached to almost any form of structure or luminaire. Rated for both indoor and outdoor use, the ECM has an array of features that are designed to control and report status of digital lighting systems. Unique in the world, Intellistreets is also enabled with an audio amplifier, digital sign output, relay closures and sensor inputs/outputs.

System Components

  1. Intellistreets control unit (ECM)
  2. Dual Radio System
  3. Input ECM power supply (90-277V)
  4. LED power supply (provided by Light Manufacturer)
  5. PWM LED dimming control
  6. 0-10 LED dimming control
  7. DMX lighting control
  8. Intellistreet 5" audio driver
  9. Blue button emergency system
  10. LED Intensity & ambient light sensors
  11. Main input power (90-277v 50/60hz)

Optional Features

  • Controlled Power Outlet
  • DMX Controlled floodlight
  • Digital Banner
  • Digital Street Sign
  • Cameras
  • Environmental Sensors


  • Q. Does the Intellistreets system record voices?

    A. The standard Intellistreets system does not include any recording devices. The only time audio may be recorded is when the optional Blue Button feature is purchased and a call for assistance is placed to a First Response phone number. The First Responder may record the communication at their own choosing.

  • Q. Will Intellistreets work in extreme weather, heat or cold?

    A. Yes, Intellistreets works in extreme cold and extreme heat, as well as having survived Hurricane Sandy!

  • Q. Does Intellistreets come with cameras?

    A. Camera systems are an option. Externally mounted cameras, manufactured by numerous third parties can integrate into the Intellistreets platform.

  • Q. What do you mean by safety and security features?

    A. Safety and Security features that are part of our "Core" system allow for emergency messaging and emergency evacuation routing and the ability to send announcements by mobile device in case of an emergency. Other "options" that relate include: emergency first responder "Blue Button", sensors like heat, smoke, Chem/bio and water detection.